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Here is what people who have used the Wm. J. Weigle Tree to meet their firewood needs have to say:


"My husband and I want to thank you for your prompt delivery of our cord of wood.  While the price was higher than we could have paid elsewhere, your service and the quality and amount of wood was terrific (we've been "stiffed" in the past and were a little anxious dealing with someone we did not know).  I was very impressed with the professionalism of your website and speaking to you on the phone, and my husband enjoyed meeting and talking to you when you delivered the wood.  So thank you for a positive experience!  

                                                                                 H. K. , Nashua , NH  "

"Have been using Weigle's Service to years. The best! Great cord wood - fair price, clean cut. Bill is terrific, friendly and always on time.  Highly recommend.  Thanks Weigle family! "

                                                                                 Lyn G - Merrimack, NH

"If you want to do business with a family that cares about the customer, do business with Weigle Tree Service!"  
                                                                                Gary P - Wilton, NH

Thanks! Very satisfied with your wood and your service! Look forward to doing business with you again! And you can quote me on that! - 
                                                                               Craig A - Francestown, NH.


I recommend Weigle Tree Service for dependable wood and service. - 

                                                                                Carmen C - Brookline, NH.


This is great!  The delivery you made was great.  The wood was clean, cut and split correctly, the size stacked out with a little extra and the prompt service was appreciated.  - 

                                                                                 Dan C - Londonderry, NH.


These folks and the firewood are the best!  A wonderful family working together. - 

                                                                                 Barbara R - Bedford, NH


Good wood - good measure. - 
                                                                                 David W - New Boston, NH.


A great cord of wood! perfectly seasoned! (many others have claimed the same with not so stellar results).  Thank You. 

Will be ordering more wood if not this year next for sure.

                                                                                     David H

II recently received a cord of wood and I just wanted to share how  happy I was with the product and the service. Wood arrived at short  notice during a busy time of high demand and tight supply. The wood was extremely high quality, heavy and well seasoned. There was very  little in the way of scraps left over and every single piece of wood was clean and free of any dirt or grime.

Thank you so much.

                                                                                    Michael C – Milford NH

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