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Your Complete Source for Firewood

The Wm. J. Weigle Tree Service has been providing residential tree removal, land clearing, whole tree chipping and portable saw mill services to the community since 1977. Our family run business has now expanded into the firewood market with a focus on prompt dependable service and high quality, select northern hardwoods. Our goal is to take the worry and wait out of your firewood needs.

Our loggers are environmentally conscious professionals that provide our Lyndeborough, NH facility with cordwood that is free from dirt, making it easier and cleaner for you to handle and use. We then process the wood to each customer's specified length, then split and deliver the wood when YOU need it. We call you when the order is ready and then show up on time for your delivery!

Only need a little wood? Your can purchase partial cords of firewood and we also offer nice neat bundles of seasoned hardwood, kindling wood, or mixed campfire wood.  Wholesale and retail pricing is available for our bundled wood products.

Need a lot of wood? We do that too.  You can order firewood by the cord either by phone at 603-487-2005 or with our online order form.

A Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for friends and family that heat with wood.  Gift Certificates are available in any denomination and can be ordered using our online order form.